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Enslaved on Grest Island, also known as Isle of Wight, in Liberty County, Georgia, Susannah "Susie" Baker King Taylor was a literate, enslaved freedom seeker who found freedom first within her mind and when the Civil War broke out her vision became clear. In April of 1862, she used her feet and a rowboat to make the risky business of escaping chattel slavery a reality. A week later the maroon and her band of relatives were rescued by the U.S. Navy schooner USS Potomska" at St. Catherine's Island in Liberty County, Georgia. That anything is known about Susie King Taylor, her escape, and wartimes experiences is because in 1902 she authored her autobiography, Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33rd United States Colored Troops. 

" Two days after the taking of Fort Pulaski, my uncle took his family of seven and myself to St. Catherine Island." 



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