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Susie King Taylor Women's Institute & Ecology Center

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2018 Honoree

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MISSION To illuminate the spectacular life of Georgia Geechee Susie (Baker) King Taylor by facilitating conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, and public engagements that speak to the life of this phenomenal American Heroine of Freedom.


VISION The guiding vision at the Susie King Taylor Women's Institute and Ecology Center is to honor the life, history, and memory of escaped slave, Civil War nurse and teacher, racial justice activist, and memoirist Susie Baker King Taylor.


Located within two miles of the Grest Plantation where she was born in Midway, Georgia in 1848, the Institute partners with trusted organizations to facilitate an Eco-Sanctuary for Historical Reflection, Community Dialogue and Writing, Sustainable Agriculture & Environmental Justice Advocacy. We host quarterly conferences and seminars relating to the factors that influenced Susie Baker King Taylor to become a great women, i.e. nature, spirituality, natural ecosystems, education, and the empowerment of young women and girls. Join us on the Susie Baker King Taylor "Footsteps to Freedom Eco Tour!


Midway - Isle of Wight, GA

My mother was born in 1834. She married Raymond Baker in 1847. Nine children were born to them, three dying in infancy. I was the first born. I was born on the Grest Farm (which was on an island known as Isle of Wight), Liberty County, about thirty-five miles from Savannah, Ga., on August 6, 1848, my mother being waitress for the Grest family. ~Susie King Taylor, Reminiscences, 1902

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