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Executive Director

Hermina Glass-Hill, MPH

"I am compelled to anchor Susie King Taylor in the diaspora of Africa and Geechee culture in the United States..."Justice" is a recurrent plea that continues to resonate throughout the land. From the first day that an African set foot on these soils he, she, they were seekers of Freedom and Justice."


Hermina Glass-Hill is a writer, historian, preservationist, and sustainability advocate who has been a voice for environmental justice and human rights for more than twenty years.

She is considered the foremost scholar on Susie King Taylor in the United States. The former associate director at Kennesaw State University's Center for the Study of the Civil War Era, she has researched Susie King Taylor's life since 2009 and travels extensively lecturing about Taylor whom she calls "America's Unsung Heroine of Freedom." In 2018, she moved from her hometown in Atlanta, Georgia to Taylor's birthplace in Liberty County, Georgia, to open the Susie King Taylor Women's Institute and Ecology Center.

In 2019, Glass-Hill was one of ten recipients honored by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in partnership with Georgia Humanities and Georgia Council for the Arts at the 2019 Governor's Award for Arts and Humanities.

Georgia Humanities and Georgia Council f
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Using her decade-long research, she is in the process of finalizing a biography of Susie King Taylor with never-before-published material. Titled "Justice Sweet Land of Liberty: The Life of Georgia Geechee Susie King Taylor," it will contain rare details about the former bondgirl-turned-Civil War heroine, vivid imagery, and historical references all based on contemporary primary sources. She also has written and published a children's book about Susie King Taylor, "Happy Birthday, Susie!" 

Glass-Hill is a dynamic, engaging speaker with a gift for reaching audiences of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and age groups. She is available for speaking engagements, mediated workshops, exhibit creation and research projects on matters of history, environmental justice, faith, racial healing and reconciliation. In this age of COVID-19, the Institute is capable of professionally hosting these talks via its Zoom account. 

"Hermina is an enthusiastic professional historian who specializes in reaching the public with important information about our national and community past.”~Dr. Jamil Zainaldin 


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