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Susie King Taylor Honored in Boston

SKT_Boston 2021_Hermina.jpg

Above: District Vice Commander of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Roderick Fraser (US. Navy -retired), Mayor Kim Janey, Hermina Glass-Hill, and public historian Rebecca Byrd-Smith. 

Finally! A monument for Susie King Taylor at her Boston burial site. 

Susie King Taylor Women's Institute and Ecology Center's executive director Hermina Glass-Hill represented Susie King Taylor's home state of Georgia and hometowns of Midway and Savannah in Boston in October 2021 at the dedication of a monument to honor the Geechee Heroine of Freedom. After 109 years without a marker at her burial site in Boston, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War honored her service with a ceremony attended by Boston's Mayor Kin Janey. 

SKT_Boston 2021_memorial_cropped.jpg
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