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Recognition for Susie King Taylor

Unbeknownst to me, the American Battlefield Trust shared this laudatory post yesterday on Facebook regarding my dreams for the Susie King Taylor Women's Institute and Ecology Center. (The ABT preserves Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War battlefield sites (not to mention the environment and thousands of trees). Their accolade means the world to me!

I acknowledge that I didn't get here alone. There are so many wonderful humans who have sojourned with me from the beginning and who have joined this pilgrim's journey because they too believe in the power of Susie King Taylor's story and my purpose-driven goal to work to make her a household name, like her contemporaries Harriet Tubman and Clara Barton.

Hermina Glass-Hill is considered the foremost scholar on Susie King Taylor in the United States. The former associate director at Kennesaw State University's Center for the Study of the Civil War Era, she has researched Susie King Taylor's life since 2009 and travels extensively lecturing about Taylor whom she calls "America's Unsung Heroine of Freedom."

In 2018, she moved from her hometown in Atlanta, Georgia to Taylor's birthplace in Liberty County, Georgia, to open the Susie King Taylor Women's Institute and Ecology Center. Using her decade-long research, she is in the process of finalizing a biography of Susie King Taylor with never-before-published material. Titled "Justice Sweet Land of Liberty: The Life of Georgia Geechee Susie King Taylor," it will contain rare details about the former bondgirl-turned-Civil War heroine, vivid imagery, and historical references all based on contemporary primary sources. ​

Glass-Hill is a dynamic, engaging speaker with a gift for reaching audiences of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and age groups.

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